What Industries Need SEO the Most?

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Published: 29.03.22
Written By: Jess Foster

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All industries can benefit from SEO. From local family restaurants to organisations like the NHS, SEO can have a positive impact on your business. Having a well optimised website that is a joy for users to experience, ranking highly on search engines and giving your audience the content, they’re looking for is going to place your business above the competitors in your industry.

While some industries may be able to benefit from SEO more than others, with online research into brands and products become more of a frequent part of the consumer journey than ever, you’re going to want to incorporate SEO into your industry where you can.

Why Does My Industry Need To Use SEO?

It’s a common misconception that industries without much of an online presence don’t need to incorporate SEO techniques into their marketing strategy. This couldn’t be further from the truth as all industries can benefit from an increased online presence.

Do none of your competitors have a website? Then start your industries journey into SEO by creating one! It’s also going to give you an advantage over your competition in the industry.

81% of shoppers actively research companies and products before they make a purchase, with the majority of that happening online. If your company name is nowhere to be found in those search results, you’re missing out on a big potential market for your industry.

You don’t need to sell anything on your website to get a benefit from it. Use it to promote your services, offer informative and entertaining content to your audience and to put your brand in front of the masses.

Why Does My Industry Need Local SEO?

Have you ever been out and searched for a restaurant near you? That’s why your industry needs local SEO. Nearly half of all searches on Google include local intent, that’s a massive share of your audience you’ll be missing out on without local SEO.

As an off-page SEO technique, this is probably the easiest way you can go from having no experience to starting your journey into the world of SEO. You don’t even need a website to use it!

Having your business appear in search engines for local results will help direct people to your business, whether you have a website or physical location.

Claiming your business on Google is going to give you the ability to display your location, contact information, photos, news, and reviews. This is a simple form of SEO and is going to benefit your whichever industry you are in.

It gives you an online presence without having to set up a website if you don’t want to, and you’ll be able to respond to customer reviews which is a direct ranking factor for local search results.

Social Media And SEO

While you might not have a website to incorporate SEO techniques, but you’re more than likely on social media. With more than 50 million small businesses using platforms like Facebook to interact with their customers, it is something you’re going to need to incorporate into your SEO strategy.

Social media can have an impact on your SEO strategy, businesses will use it to:

  • Distribute your content to your audience
  • Improve online visibility
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Boosts local search engine optimisation


Using your website in tandem with your social media platforms is going to give you the ability to amplify the reach of any content you make or post on your site.

Different forms of content perform better on different platforms, so this gives you an ideal opportunity to see which one works best for you and where your audience is.

It also gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience, whichever channel you choose to use. You will be able to respond to both praise and criticism, giving a voice to your audience and creating an opportunity to improve your brand image.

How Do Businesses Use SEO?

Businesses use SEO for several different reasons, here is a list of how they can use SEO strategy to benefit them:

  • Rank higher on search engines like Google
  • Improve the user experience of their website
  • Deliver informative content to their audience
  • Amplify their brand voice
  • Demonstrate their industry authority
  • Engage with their audience during the customer journey


SEO isn’t just used to make your website fast and easy to use, it’s providing businesses with a wide range of opportunities they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Why Does A Business Need A Website?

While you can implement techniques like local SEO, you will need a website to benefit fully from SEO. Why do you need a website if your competitors don’t have one? Or if it isn’t needed in your industry? That’s exactly why you should have one.

You need a website to compete, if it isn’t commonplace for competitors in your industry to have one, that makes it even more of an opportunity to get an edge over the competition.

You don’t just need an online presence if your selling something, use this platform as a way to deliver your content and ideas to you audience. Whether thats through a blog, helpful videos or product demonstrations, a website is an essential platform for hosting everything about your business.


SEO provides you with a significant opportunity to rank above your competitors in search engines, provide a more engaging user experience and give your audience an opportunity to become part of your customer journey.

If you’re not using SEO techniques, both on page SEO and off page, then you are missing out on a large portion of potential customers who research your services and products online.

It isn’t as complicated as you might think to begin your journey into the world of SEO. If it isn’t something that is common in your industry then it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in terms of visibility.

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