SEO Case Study for
First Aid

About The Company

First Aid delivers comprehensive training services tailored for businesses and schools. Their expertise lies in equipping organizations and educational institutions with the essential knowledge and skills required to handle medical emergencies effectively. Through their training programs, they empower individuals to respond confidently and proficiently in critical situations, fostering a safer and more prepared environment within the workplace and educational settings.

Project Summary

The aim of this campaign was to drive local, high-intent traffic to the website. We used techniques such as on-page SEO, local SEO and optimised content marketing to achieve results for the business.

We have increased website content by optimising existing service pages and adding new pages, as well as articles and location pages, so that important pages are rich with vital search terms needed to boost them to the top of Google.

  • Optimising existing service pages to include vital keywords, quality content and optimised meta information amongst other things
  • Creating new, service pages optimised for very specific service sectors and industries with niche keywords
  • Creating location service pages as part of a local SEO plan to generate traffic from location-specific searches
  • Content marketing in the form of high-quality SEO optimised articles to bring traffic to the site from popular questions asked surrounding topics

Our Strategy

Revitalising service pages by integrating crucial keywords, high-quality content, and optimized meta details, aiming for improved visibility and user engagement. This entails comprehensive content strategy and meticulous SEO refinement.


Developing specialised service pages tailored for distinct industries, incorporating niche keywords for optimisation and relevance within those specific markets. Employing precision in crafting content for enhanced industry-specific engagement.

Leveraging content marketing through high quality SEO-optimised articles to attract site traffic by addressing prevalent queries related to relevant topics effectively. Employing a strategic approach to captivate and inform the audience.

Establishing location-specific service pages within a SEO strategy, aiming to drive traffic through region-specific searches and local visibility. Implementing geographically targeted content for regional engagement and search rankings.

The Results

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Clicks in last 6 months
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Impressions in last 6 months
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More top 3 keywords on Google

As you can see above, we’ve been working on getting more pages to rank highly on Google. We’ve had some impressive results for the campaign so far, with several pages now ranking in the top spot on Google. 

We started working with First Aid in July 2022 running an SEO campaign. Optimised landing pages have had a big part to play in driving high intent customers to the website, as well as optimisation of the site structure, new service pages and monthly blogs. This has given a rise in traffic to the site, much better rankings on Google and a more authoritative website, which will continue to help boost the site longer term.


The Statistics

You can see how we’ve increased the number of keywords that the business now ranks for on Google. These are key terms that potential customers are searching for to find the services they want. Since February, when we first started working with First Aid we’ve been able to greatly increase the site presence and ranking on Google. You can see to the right, the kind of terms we’ve gotten the site to rank for. First Aid now ranks for several keywords that are vital to be found in the industry.

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