Case Study

Services: Web Design & PPC

Started Work: September 2023

Company Overview: Revive Mobility build furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, supportive and comfortable.


Web Design Project Summary

The aim of this project was to update and modernise this client’s current website to make it more user-friendly. Our professionals used various tools to create website design options.

We have completed a full website design for this business with every page they require. As well as their design we have made the website search engine optimisation ready so they can propel their business. Every website that we create is made to be responsive to whatever device a customer may be on.

  • Creating a mockup website design to ensure the business’s wants are met before the building is started.
  • Website creation from scratch including WordPress set-up alongside the design of every page.
  • Creating service and location pages ready for search engine optimisation. 
  • Ensure the whole site is responsive to mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet view. 

Finished Web Design

We worked with Revive Mobility to create a website that accurately captured their vision.

Good WordPress website design can bring many benefits to a business. A well-designed website can help establish credibility and create a positive first impression with potential customers.

See the alternative designs we created before settling on this one below.


wordpress website design companywordpress web design agency

Web Design Options

As you can see we created multiple design options for our client using a software called MockFlow. We did this to ensure their specific needs and wants were met.

concept 1
Concept 2
concept 3

PPC Project Summary

The aim of this campaign is to collect customer information through lead-generation ads. Using eye-catching ads with strong copy we created a set of ads for multiple campaigns. The campaigns include a location-specific ad targeting a local audience only, nationwide ads targeting parents and a small recruitment campaign.

  • Collect lead information through lead generation form ads on Facebook through persuasive, eye-catching ads that speak directly to the target audience
  • Regularly add, improve and update ads to keep them fresh and fully optimised, whilst learning through data about the best audiences to advertise to

Proven Results

Take a look at a few of the results we’ve gotten for our client within the short 1-week campaign we did for them. Their most successful campaign was a lead generation campaign advertising their online tuition:

Leads in 1 week on a low campaign budget

Per lead on average for lead generation campaign

Impressions on leads generations ads in 1 week

Striking Ad Design

Below you can see examples of ads we designed and wrote copy for. The business ran a short campaign to boost traffic and generate sales.

ad example 1
ad example 2
ad example 3

Ad Design & Creation

Below you can see the results of the ad campaign in the first week the campaign was made live.

In the first week alone you can see the ads generated 17 leads. This means 17 people clicked on the ads, filled out a form with their information, and the business was able to contact them all as potential new customers. This was a very good ROI for a campaign with a low budget of only £100 a week.

The ads ran at an average of £6 per new lead, which is very good value compared to the value of a customer to the business.

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We’ve seen a massive impact in customers getting in touch with us through our website since Converrt started helping us with our SEO. They’ve been a great help to us and the customer service has always been excellent!

– Region Security Guarding Director