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Brand Design & Web Design Case Study
for Region Accountancy


About The Company

As one of the top accountancy companies in Wolverhampton, Region Accountancy aims to deliver a quality service at an affordable price. Their personalised services will cover every detail of their customers accountancy needs. Region Accountancy works with a diverse range of clients across the West Midlands and nationally. From freelancers to new businesses, they offer personal accounting services that suit their customers’ business needs. 

Project Summary

Company: Region Accountancy

Services: Brand Design & Web Design

Work Commencement: January 2022

The aim of this project was to create, from scratch, branding and a website so that this company was all set up and ready to get going. Our professionals used various tools to design branding and website design options.  

We have completed a full website design for this business with every page they require. As well as their design we have made the website search engine optimisation ready so they can propel their business. Every website that we create is made to be responsive to whatever device a customer may be on. 

Our Strategy

Clearly outline the purpose of our clients’ websites. Whether it’s showcasing their offerings, disseminating information, or driving conversions, a well-defined mission guides our design decisions. We also develop detailed client personas to understand their target audience’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. Our design strategy centers on creating an intuitive and positive user experience tailored to our clients’ specific audience.

To get the design process started, we develop mockups as the architectural foundation, outlining the structure and layout of the website. This blueprint helps us visualise the placement of elements like navigation, content sections, and calls-to-action to ensure it is user friendly and optimise for conversions. Early testing of functionality and navigation ensures its user friendly. Gathering feedback at this stage helps us refine the design.

We ensure visual consistency by defining clear brand guidelines for our clients. Color schemes, typography, imagery styles, and other visual elements align seamlessly with our clients’ brand identity, fostering recognition and trust. We also acknowledge the importance of Crafting an intuitive and visually appealing design that prioritises user experience, to ensure our clients’ websites are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our final step is optimising and testing. We implement a responsive design to ensure optimal performance across various devices and screen sizes. Responsive websites are crucial for reaching a broader audience in an era dominated by mobile usage. By testing functionality, load times, and user interactions ensures a smooth and error-free experience, contributing to a polished and reliable final product for our clients.

Web Design Options

Region Accountancy, seeking a fresh online presence, engaged our services for the creation of a modern and aesthetically pleasing website to discuss and choose from. The first design is the final design we went onto build for this small 3 page website design. Harnessing the power and flexibility of the WordPress platform, we implemented a robust foundation for the website. WordPress, renowned for its versatility and ease of use, empowers Region Accountancy to manage and update their content effortlessly, contributing to a dynamic online presence that can evolve with their business needs.

The end result is a website that not only meets Region Accountancy’s immediate requirements but also positions them for sustained growth in the digital landscape. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions ensures that Region Accountancy online platform not only reflects their current brand image but also serves as a versatile tool for future expansion and engagement.

Final Web Design

Here you can see the home page design we created for Region Accountancy.

The page was designed with conversion rate optimisation in mind, in order to generate the highest ROI for the business.

The bright design was created to stand out from text heavy competitor sites. With key information being used alongside carefully placed calls to action, the home page functions as a converting, informative page for site visitors. This website was designed using WordPress.


Brand Logo Options​

To cater to their diverse preferences, we meticulously crafted a brand logo, which showcased a unique design element. This approach provided Region Accountancy with a comprehensive array of options, fostering discussions to pinpoint the ideal visual representation for their brand. After thoughtful deliberation and collaborative discussions, the second design emerged as the ultimate choice for the development of their finished brand logo. This final design is modern and representative of the brand’s captivating aesthetic.

Final Branding Logo

Here you can see the final brand logo design we created for Region Accountancy.

We also initially worked with Region Accountancy to produce a logo and set of brand guidelines for the business.

Our professionals worked on creating many different logo options for our client, giving them options.

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