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About The Company

Bluecross specialises in handling personal injury claims, particularly in the domain of medical negligence. Their expertise lies in navigating the intricacies of cases related to medical malpractice, ensuring comprehensive and effective representation for individuals seeking compensation in these specific legal matters.

Project Summary

Company: Bluecross

Services: Facebook Ads

Work Commencement: October 2022

We collaborated with Bluecross on an ad creation package, developing on-brand, visually appealing advertisements with compelling copy to attract new clients for the business.

The package included:

  • 1 Campaign
  • 3 Ad Groups
  • 5-10 Ads


For Bluecross, to fit the clients needs, we created 9 static ads and 1 carousel, in order to ensure best performance. 

Our Strategy


We get to know everything about your brand. Our goal is to create impactful ads that are catered specifically to you. Our meticulous step-by-step process is designed to ensure that every element of the advertising journey aligns seamlessly with your brand values, ultimately contributing to the success and lasting impact of your PPC campaigns.


We define your goals and target audience. Clearly outline your campaign objectives. Knowing your goals will shape the rest of your strategy. We also develop detailed buyer personas to understand your target audience’s demographics, interests, and online behavior. Tailor your ad content to resonate with these potential customers.

We uilise tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify relevant keywords for your business. Consider the search terms your target audience might use when looking for products or services similar to yours. Grouping similar and optimised keywords allows us to create targeted ad copy and landing pages, improving ad relevance.

We monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost per conversion. Identify high-performing keywords and ads to allocate more budget to effective campaigns. We prioritise testing elements like headlines, descriptions, and images to continually refine your ads and ensure they are optimised.

Striking Ad Design

Below you can see examples from a series of Facebook advert designs we designed and wrote copy for.

This campaign is for lead generation ads, in which we also created forms for customers to fill in with personal information, so that Bluecross can contact them as new leads.

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