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Web Design Case Study

Services: Web Design 

Started working with: August 2023

Company Overview: Beggars Reach is a hotel bar and restaurant in Pembrokeshire.

Project Summary

The aim of this project was to update Beggars Reach current website, making it modern and attractive. Our professionals used various tools to create website design options.

We have completed a full website design for this business with every page they require. As well as their design we have made the website search engine optimisation ready so they can propel their business. Every website that we create is made to be responsive to whatever device a customer may be on.

  • Creating a unique website design that accurately portrays the client’s business.
  • Optimising the website so it is fast and efficient.
  • Creating a mockup website design to ensure the business’s wants are met before the building is started.
  • Responsive designed website so it is fit for the modern world.
finished website

How did we do it?

Full Branding and Website Design


First, we made plans of what pages need to be designed and created.


We then created multiple mock-up designs in a software called Mockflow.


Finally, we set about creating our designs in WordPress, keeping in mind the clients wants and needs.

Finished Web Design

We worked with Beggars Reach to create a website that accurately captured their modern vision.

Good WordPress website design can bring many benefits to a business. A well-designed website can help establish credibility and create a positive first impression with potential customers.

To see the design options we made before settling on this one look below.

wordpress website design companywordpress web design agency

Web Design Options

As you can see we created multiple design options for our client using a software called MockFlow. We did this to ensure their specific needs and wants were met.

concept 1
concept 2
concept 3

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