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Build a lasting relationship

Why is email marketing so important?

Email marketing gets you delivered straight to your audience’s phones, computers, and tablets. Campaigns can act as a reminder, targeting certain audiences to re-engage them with your company, whilst persuading to drive sales through offers, updates, and more! Our B2B email marketing services can help you achieve your goals and targets.

What can we do for your business?

Want an email campaign strategy that brings customers back to your site and captivates new audiences? Our team of experts can help make that happen through strong strategy planning and email designs tailored 100% to your audience and goals. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you!

email marketing services

Reach New Audiences

Reach new audiences and build relationships with effective email campaigns tailored to them

email marketing for small businesses

Drive Sales

We can help drive sales with campaigns created specifically with increasing conversions in mind

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Re-engage Customers

Keep them coming back for more with campaigns tailored to re-engage your customers

Email marketing without the hassle

Don’t let them forget you, use email marketing effectively to drive sales, build relationships, and communicate with clients about deals, updates, and news!

When done right, email marketing can be very effective. Driving sales and brand reputation upwards. We specialise in startups and email marketing for small businesses, to ensure you build a good relationship with your customers from the start!


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Email Scheduling

Get ahead with email creation and scheduling, so you know you always have good content being delivered effortlessly to your audience

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Email Marketing Strategy & Planning

We can take the stress out of email marketing by planning and implementing a full strategy to maximise your ROI

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email marketing for small businesses

On Brand Email Content Creation

Our team of experts can produce engaging content for email marketing campaigns that will increase open rates and drive sales

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Market Research

All of our campaigns come with in-depth market research in order to get the bestto results from your campaigns.

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Let’s work together!

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What makes our way unique?

We are an innovative and experienced team of experts dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential online.

Converrt ensures that the business’ we work with are always in the loop, looked after, and 100% happy with the service they are getting. If not, we will change our approach to satisfy you whilst getting the best results.

The approach we take to digital marketing is unique and powerful. We don’t just rely on what has worked for other customers in the past. We drill down to the specific need of each client to truly understand what it is that needs to be done to get results.

We take our time to understand you as a business and your audience. This directly influences our ability to create campaigns suited to your business. Whatever your concerns may be, just get in touch with us and we can help to plan the best approach for your needs.

email marketing services

Experienced writers and creatives

  • Our team of experts can get your content spot on. We won’t just make your email content consistently good, but we also make sure it’s compelling!

We care about every client

  • We really do care about how your email campaigns perform. Therefore, we will do whatever we can to help see this happen, from giving you extra advice to working harder on each email. Our clients really matter to us, each and every one.

Campaigns that get results

  • We make email campaigns that get results for our clients and improve their current ROI through thorough research and planning. Our experts know what they’re doing when it comes to producing content and campaigns that engage audiences.

We get to know you

  • We make sure we get to know your business inside out. Without a good understanding of who you are and what you do, we can’t help you create content that represents you!
email marketing for small businesses

Prices & Packages

Starter Email Marketing Package

£ 200 initial set up fee for Ad Creation & Copywriting

£ 300/month – ongoing optimisation & management fee

Full ad account setup & data import

Audience segmentation

2 Email campaigns per month

1 New email template per month

1,200 Client email list

Advanced Email Marketing Package

£ 200 initial set up fee for Ad Creation & Copywriting

£ 400/month – ongoing optimisation & management fee


Full ad account setup & data import

Audience segmentation

4 Email campaigns per month

2 New email templates per month

1,200 Client email list

Email Copy and images included

A/B Testing

Custom Email Marketing Services packages

We can tailor our service packages specifically to your businesses’ needs, just get in touch with us today and let us know what you want and we can create a package with everything you want included!

email marketing for small businesses

Our approach to email marketing services

To get started, we will have a meeting and have a chat about exactly what you want from your email marketing campaign, what you would like to write or create, and what your goals are for the project. We will use this discussion to get to know you and your business. We must know what your business is all about, what you do, and who you are trying to communicate with. This will help inform our work and enable us to create and plan content that represents who you are and that benefits you and your audience.


Then we get to work. After researching competitors and your audiences, we will have a good picture of the industry that you’re working in. This will greatly inform our work and allow us to cater the emails to you and your audience.

Our writers and creatives will then get to work on producing a strategy and email marketing campaign for you. This work will then be communicated to you to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.


Throughout the project, we will keep you up to date and well informed on everything that’s going on. Regular calls and meetings can be had to check in, and our account managers are ready to answer any questions you may have throughout the whole process. You’ll never be left in the dark about the campaign and you will always be listened to.

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